Parsedown Importer

The Parsedown Importer plugin allows administrators to import Markdown files into posts and pages. In addition to a helpful interface, the importer provides a series of settings to control how the posts or pages are created.

The source code and download links are available on the WordPress plugin directory.

A screenshot of the file list on the import page, after having selected files.
After having just selected a file.

Post status settings:

  1. Draft (default)
  2. Publish
  3. Private

Post type settings:

  1. Post (default)
  2. Page

Post author settings:

  1. Current user (default)
  2. All other users with the ability to edit posts
A screenshot of the imported post list, after having hit the import button.
After a successful import.

This plugin utilizes the Parsedown PHP library by Emanuil Rusev, which is mostly compliant with the CommonMark spec. It also extends up the Parsedown library, by allowing checkboxes. Lines starting with a maximum of three spaces followed by '[ ]', '[]', or '[x]' are translated into unchecked/checked checkbox inputs.

For example, the following table lists the ways that a checkbox in Markdown would be parsed into HTML as a checkbox input.