GET Theme

The Graphene Electro-Thermals logo.

The “GET” WordPress theme was developed for the Graphene Electro Thermals (GET) organization. The theme sports a simplistic layout, using a color scheme that is unique to the style of GET. It includes a static front-page, as well as a “Blog” page template that allows for the creation of an infinite number of blog pages. The front-page features a full-width image slider with a social media bar as well customizable labels for each of the slides.

Front-page Slider

An example of the theme's front page.

The full-width slider on the front-page is fully customizable and handles up to ten images. Additional features for the slider include a social media bar in the upper-right corner and customizable text for each slide.

An example of the front-page slider options in the WordPress Customizer.

General slider settings include: the slider delay (in seconds), and URLs for each of the social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Youtube). Each slide has options to provide a main image, a secondary image (for smaller resolution devices), a header, a description, and a font color.

Front-page Tabs

An example of the front page's tabular content.

Tabular content on the front-page allows for GET’s mission and virtues to be heard loud and clear.

An example of the front page's tabular content options in the WordPress Customizer.

There are three tabs in total, and can be assigned posts in the theme customizer. This allows for tabular content to be quickly swapped out, while also allowing the full power that posts and WYSIWYG editors provide.

Infinite Blogs

An example of the theme's blog page layout.

GET blog pages were designed to allow for multiple teams, of any size, to document their work simultaneously.

A screenshot of the post edit page, highlighting the theme's custom "blog" category.

The “Blog” page template allows ordinary pages to become blog pages. As in the image to the left, the only required steps are: setting the Page Attributes > Template option to “Blog”, and setting the Blog Category option to any one of the selectable categories (if any exist, and have posts assigned to them).

Customizer Style Options

A screenshot of the "Site Favicon" option in the WordPress Customizer.

Although the logo option is a must in all themes, GET offers the option to set a custom favicon as well.

The theme color options in the WordPress Customizer.

The GET theme has a default color scheme, but all link, header, and content colors can be edited through the theme customizer. This includes tabular content links and tab titles. Tabs are actually styled separately from regular posts and pages, for an even higher level of customization.

Image Sources

I do not own the images that I have used for the purpose of photographing the GET theme’s slider. The images in the slider are under (at the time of writing) an Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic license (full license) and can be found at the links below. These images are not bundled with the theme.