Basic WordPress Theme

An example of the theme's front page.
The front page!

The Basic theme is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a barebones starter theme built on top of the fantastic Underscores theme (_s). With support for Sass and some build tools that I pieced together, modification is reasonably easy.

Now, I’ve got a launch pad project for simple WordPress site development! Actually, we have a launch pad project for simple WordPress development. I’ve hosted the source code and build tools on Github. You can build the project yourself!

If you’re not familiar with Underscores, you’ll find all the Sass modules in the sass directory of the theme. For example, all the Sass variables are declared in the modules under the sass/variables-site directory. You could easily impact a great deal of the styles on the site while only touching the sass/variables-site/_colors.scss file.

The build tools include Grunt and Bash scripts for compiling Sass, linting, file minification, and zipping up the production version of the theme.

Here’s a glimpse of the theme in action:

An example of the theme's single-post page.
An individual post.
An example of a post's comment list.
A shot of some comments on a post.