Ambient Weaver

Ambient Weaver is an ambient sound player for macOS 10.12.2+ and Windows 10. The core mechanics of the player include the ability to create playlists which contain customizable sound tracks. Each track has controls for volume, a starting point, and whether or not the track should repeat. Normal audio players, designed for non-ambient songs, run one track at a time. When those players are used for ambient sounds, there are always momentary breaks in the sound that can break the listener’s concentration. That is the nature of having one playback loop. Ambient Weaver gives each track it’s own loop. This allows for tracks to be overlain in a way that masks the momentary breaks, creating a seamless listening experience.

As of the time of writing Ambient Weaver comes installed with two default tracks. The tracks are identical and can be used as a proof of concept of the above statement. i.e.:

1. Create a playlist using the “Add Playlist” button in the middle column.
2. Assign the two default tracks to the new playlist using the tracks’ “Assign Track” dropdown in the leftmost column.
3. Select the new playlist from the middle column. The editor in the rightmost column should become visible.
4. Press the “Edit” button in the playlist editor.
5. Left click and drag the progress bar of the first track to the one minute mark.
6. Press the “Save” button.
7. Press the “Play All” button to hear both tracks play simultaneously.

When the tracks are at the same volume and overlapped in this manner, the breaks in the sound are indiscernible.

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A screenshot of the track list, in the left-most column of the app.
The available tracks list.
A screenshot of the playlist editor, in the right-most column of the app.
Playlist view in play mode.
A screenshot of the playlist editor's edit mode, in the right-most column of the app.
Playlist view in edit mode.
A screenshot of the full app window, including the track list, playlist list, and playlist editor.
The full editor window.


The audio files that are provided in the default/ folder within the apps’ resource folders are modified versions of the edited tracks that Gabriel Martin used in his “A Soft Murmur” ambient sound web app. The original audio files come from the following places under various versions of the CC license.

• Fireplace by inchadney
• Fireplace #2 by inchadney
• Strong wind in the forest by inchadney
• Rain late at night by Kyster
Rainstorm by klangfabrik

This native application was built using Electron from GitHub. In addition to Bootstrap and jQuery (for Bootstrap components).